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Audit Senior - CPA (Position Filled)

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Location: Milwaukee WI
Salary/Pay Rate: Competitive Salary
Employment Type: Full Time

Job Description

As a level 4 Senior on our Assurance Team, you will apply your educational background and experience as you work on clients of the Firm. You will take direction from other, more experienced members of the Team as you assist in problem solving and fact-finding. You will be involved with all stages of an audit, including day-to-day "in-charge" responsibilities of planning, fieldwork and "wrap-up" and will supervise and train those with less experience in Levels 2 & 3, as well as become the client contact for basic questions and information. A Senior at this level may also be involved in reviews and agreed-upon procedure engagements. Typical responsibilities will include preparing financial statements with disclosures, applying most areas of GAAP as necessary, and documenting, validating, testing and assessing various control systems. You will also apply your experience and knowledge of business processes by making suggestions to improve client internal controls and accounting procedures.

External Job Description - Essential Duties/Functions

Control Environment:

  • Applies knowledge and understanding of the collective effect of various factors on establishing or enhancing effectiveness, or mitigating the risks, of specific policies and procedures.
  • Applies knowledge of transactional flow and key transactional cycles to complete audit work.
  • Documents, validates and assesses of the design and operating effectiveness of the clients' internal control system.
  • Determines and communicates improvements to client internal controls and accounting procedures.
  • Supervise the work of audit staff and review workpapers and conclusions and explaining any shortcomings to them.


  • Applies knowledge and understanding of governing principles; applying these principles to client transactions; and documenting and communicating an understanding and application of these principles.
  • Effectively communicates financial statement disclosure requirements to clients.
  • Drafts complex sets of financial statements with disclosures.
  • Identifies and applies new pronouncements to client situations.
  • Identifies, analyzes and discusses alternative generally accepted accounting principles for the client, when necessary, with the Manager, Senior Manager and engagement partner.
  • Identifies complex accounting issues and brings them to the attention of superiors for resolution.
  • Coaches less experienced team members in new areas.


  • Applies knowledge and understanding of SEC regulations and PCAOB guidelines, and documents and communicates the application of these principles.
  • Reads and reviews clients' SEC filings, ensuring accuracy and completeness, and also ensures that all financial information is supported in the workpapers and appropriately tested.
  • Prepares required communications to the Client and the Audit Committee.
  • Plans and executes Section 404 internal control audit including obtaining an understanding of the control environment, designing test plans, evaluating deficiencies and assessing the overall financial reporting control environment.


  • Applies knowledge and understanding of professional standards; application of the principles contained in professional standards; and the ability to document and communicate an understanding and application of professional standards on an engagement.
  • Formulates and communicates the audit plan.
  • Applies GAAS to a variety of complex issues and consults others as appropriate.
  • Applies of audit skepticism and determines when to reduce or expand testing.
  • Uses our audit manuals as appropriate for the situation.
  • Documents deviations from our policy with approval.


  • Applies knowledge and application of our standards that guide effective and efficient delivery of quality services and products.
  • Is responsible to the engagement manager or auditor in charge for the day-to-day conduct of the audit work and in particular for ensuring that the field work is executed and completed as planned, in accordance with timetable, with Firm's policies and procedures and to budget.
  • Applies our audit approach and methodologies, including tools and technology, to execute the audit with quality, efficiency, and completeness despite pressures of deadlines.


  • Applies methodology used to seek or maintain information from authoritative sources and to draw conclusions regarding a target issue based on that information.
  • Applies knowledge of the use of internal and external research tools and selects methodology for routine research requests.
  • Researches more complex areas of accounting and forms an initial opinion on the correct treatment independently and considers and documents the impact on the client and audit engagement.
  • Documents and organizes complicated findings in a usable format, based on information obtained from Accounting Research Manager, our Assurance Manual, Yahoo Finance, etc.
  • Assist the engagement manager with gathering sufficient appropriate information about the business and information system, including the accounting system, to form an adequate basis for the preparation of the audit strategy.
  • Develop the draft Audit Engagement Planning Memorandum, audit programs and budgets.
  • Establish with the engagement manager the responsibilities of individual audit staff for specific areas of audit work.

Other duties as required:

  • Supervise a team of audit professionals ranging in size from 1 to 5.
  • Provide verbal and written performance feedback to associates.
  • Teach/coach associates to provide on the job learning.

  • Possess proven solid verbal and written communication skills.
  • Able to perform the completion of an audit of a basic company.
  • Able to "in-charge" all stages of the audit, including planning, fieldwork and completion.
  • Able to prepare financial statements with disclosures.
  • Able to be the client contact for questions and information.